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What's up, newgrounds?

2009-03-14 23:54:48 by jonman3450

I just posted my first audio. give it a listen (whenever they decide to post it ><) i'm hoping i can make more of these in the future.

On an unrelated note, have you ever seen a flash animated really well, but the voice acting sucks? Kinda heartbreaking. If you think (or know) that you can't voice act and you would like someone who can, give me a post (please include your email [I WILL NOT SPAM YOU] and a general idea of what you want me to do). I can send a sample of my voice acting and if you like it, tell me what you would like me to do for your flash and when you need it by. For all of the people out there making really artistic flashs, keep up the good work!


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2009-03-15 00:10:18

I'd like to hear a sample of your voice acting.

jonman3450 responds:

sure. Tell me what you would like to hear me do and then give me your email address (i wont spam you, promise). I should have it to you sometime today.


2009-03-15 00:14:38



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